Şeker Sigorta Cyprus Ltd, operating within the structure of our bank, protects your home and your vehicle with KoopBank's insurance.

Visit your nearest branch to discover the insurance options available exclusively to you. Let KoopBank have the privilege of working with you!

  • Home Insurance

    It covers against many risks, from fire to flooding. Your home might become uninhabitable and you might need to move house. You might also need to pay for transport and for the removal of debris.

    Home Insurance covers you against these risks.

    What’s more, Şeker Sigorta Cyprus Ltd offers you extensive cover at a very attractive price.

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Business Insurance

You can take out any insurance policy at all of our branches or from Şeker Sigorta (Cyprus) Ltd, Head Office.

☎ Şeker Insurance (0392) 444 04 04