Posnet (E-Commerce)

E-Commerce POSNet (Virtual POS) is the name of our infrastructure service with 3D security that enables credit card payments by digital stores over the internet. Virtual Pos presents a solution for all necessary collection needs for E-Commerce.

The customers who integrate the software that we present to their companies can trace their sales over the internet on especially prepared pages once they set it upon their sites and use the passwords provided to them.

E-Commerce POSNet uses the security standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) developed for secure performance of internet shopping with credit cards. As a result, it is compulsory for the sites of the companies that want to use Virtual POS to either obtain an SSL certificate or to avoid this need, must enter the credit card details on a "Shared Page" that we supply.

E-Commerce POSNet infrastructure uses the 3D Secure system that forms the Visa and MasterCard security standards.

  • What are the advantages?
    • It provides a new sales channel,
    • It widens the market and increase the customer potential,
    • With its low cost, It creates opportunities for opening new workplace at very low cost,
    • With its presentation of fast and technological service it raises customer satisfaction and loyalty,
    • It strengthens the image of the firm and provides the firm with a competitive edge,
    • It enables the sales of goods and services within seconds,
    • It records and keeps your sales records,
    • Provides extra security standards with 3D Secure.
    How can I apply?

    If you like to make sales over the internet with our virtual POS product, you must first contact to our Card Centre on 600 02 02 for our Posnet products.

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