Our MotoPOS services are used for collective bill collection by credit card i.e for the collection of institutions which take payments only during certain periods (ex. GSM operators, ADSL service providers).

The institution transmits the automatic payment orders by credit card, taken by its own subscribers, to the bank on certain days or on the bill’s due date; the bank also carries out an authorization transaction collectively for the indicated cards and communicates the realization of the payment in the feedback file to the institution.

  • What are the Advantages ?
    • The institution not only makes its collections under guarantee but also increases customer satisfaction by providing the facility of automatic payment by credit card to its own subscribers.
    • The institution can get authorization collectively rather than doing it one by one for transactions made at POS terminals for the automatic payment orders taken. This saves on labor, and it can also collectively pass on payment information into its own system, by using the sent feedback authorization file.
  • How does MotoPOS System Works?