Mobile POS

Being mobile since 2003, Koopbank provides payment solutions with Mobil POS for companies which collect payments without being dependent on a fixed point, and thus enlarges the coverage of the business.

Through the use of GPRS and GSM technologies, Mobile POS devices provide the opportunity to use credit cards without land lines, at any point within the coverage area of Kuzey Kıbrıs Turkcell North Cyprus.

The Mobile POS devices could be used by those who work independent of offices especially at restaurants, car hire companies, and distribution companies who can process transactions without interruption at any point where Turkcell provides data communications.

  • Advantages

    Other advantages provided by Koopbank’s Mobile POS presented for the service of companies are:

    • All advantages of the Optimum platform are supplied to the Optimum member merchants with the mobile terminals.
    • The workplace could be protected against malicious use as transactions cannot be conducted with stolen or lost cards on the devices.
    • Restaurants, jewellers, and large stores can take payments in the presence of the card owner and create an increase in customer satisfaction
    • Easy to use by workplaces with faulty or limited telephone lines
    • Can send SMS messages to their teams in the field instantly.
    • Due to Kktcell Vehicle Tracking Service the devices the locations of field workers could be followed on a map over the internet.
    • Due to GPRS POS even workplaces who realise a few thousand processes with high transactions could achieve low telephone use costs.
  • Technical Features
  • Pricing Information