Mail Order

This service takes away the card holders burden of having to be present at the time of payment for goods and services purchased. It presents the use of fax, file transfer, PC and such other different collection tools to be at your service for the realisation of your orders and instructions.

This is a modern shopping tool which provides the possibility of purchasing goods and services from your workplace via newspapers, fliers/leaflets, television, telephone and catalogue.

  • What are the Advantages?
    • You can have the custom of millions of credit card users worldwide by way of having Koop Order POS
    • No need for your customers to come into your workplace. They can experience the ease and comfort of ordering by post, by fax. Or only with a phone call, be there in TRNC or anywhere else in the world.
    • The number of your customers goes up therefore your earnings rise
  • How does the Mail Order System work?
  • Which Businesses can benefit from Mail Order?