Bond, Securitybond, Eurobond

FUND Management

As Koopbank, we offer Treasury Bonds, Government Bonds and Eurobond for those of our customers who would like to manage their money through medium to long term investments.

What are the Features?


This is a T.C Treasury issued bond which undertakes to pay at the end of its term. It is a short term security instrument (less than a year) which does not have any coupons but pays back the money invested along with the interest earned at maturity.

Security Bond

Issued by T.C Treasury these are long term (more than a year) security bonds with fixed or variable interest rates. These security certificates usually offer coupons where the interest is paid at predetermined dates and the money invested is paid together with the coupon interest at maturity of the security bond.


These are bonds where the government or companies issue or export outside their country of residence in order to provide resources from abroad. The terms of these bonds vary between 5—30 years. The returns of $ Eurobond coupons are paid once every six months while the euro Eurobond coupons pay their returns yearly. These products are ideal for those customers who would like to manage their investments’ in foreign currency.

  • Why Treasury Bonds, Government Security Bonds and Eurobond?