Vehicle Loans

You Decide!

Do you wish to realise your dream with a car or thinking of renewing your car? Just decide on the brand and the colour, and then leave it to KoopBank to sort out the cash issue.

At KoopBank you can take out up to %70 vehicle loan for purchase of cars from 0 kilometre brand new to 9 years old second hand. If your salary is deposited into our bank you can borrow up to %85 of the value of the car and in some cases between %85 - % 100 if you borrow against your asset. You can use your credit with the term that is right for you in TL but also foreign currency and you can easily get your car insurance from your branch.

Get acquainted with the interest rates and term options offered by Koopbank that best suit you; You too, live the privilege of using a Car Loan from Koopbank!

  • Features of Vehicle Loans

  • How much will I pay in instalments?

  • How do I apply?

  • When will I know the result of my application?

  • Required documents for Application (original and photocopies for each one)

  • Required documents for Commercial Applications (original and photocopies for each one)